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Clean rooms seem like some of the most advanced industrial utilities out there. After all, the most advanced clean room varieties are capable of filtering air to the extent that within a given cubic meter of atmosphere, there can be found no more than 10 particles of 0.1 micrometers in size. While it’s true that there are many different highly-advanced clean room varieties, there are also many different kinds of manufactured and structural enclosures that qualify as clean rooms but that would not necessarily qualify as “advanced.”

Take, for example, modular and portable clean rooms. These enclosures can be constructed of prefabricated solid walls or even plastic strips and several roofing modules. Some clean room varieties feature only these components, and they are often used for applications that require no controls in addition to the control of drafts or breezes that might otherwise be present in an industrial workplace because of HVAC interference or weather conditions. Some varieties of modular and portable clean rooms can be more advanced than this, featuring entirely sealed enclosures and air circulation systems. However, the technology and equipment necessary to construct many varieties of such clean rooms is not particularly advanced either.

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